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come play in my destructo lab.  it seems we need a place to play where you can ask those questions and then have computers handy where you can destroy them if you want.  Would it not be nice to have a gentoo box and then have a couple more machines to help with the gentoo compile?  distcc is good for that and well that is something cool to try out.  I think though having a place to come and play can beat vmware cause you have people you can bounce ideas off of and then you can learn from.  I taught someone about pscp today.  I might not be a complete noob but there is still plenty for me to learn.  Hmm some things on my board that I want to research deeper.  transcoding at cli.  LVM. PXE boot box.  Slackware as a whole.  samba running as a PDC. VM setups.
I got to finish cleaning out a back room but I am preparing for a time when I can offer the destructo lab for alot more people.   How about it?  Good idea?  completely worthless?


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To get the thread back on track I would like to admit that I too am a Linux noob.  I have been fiddlin with linux for a while but never really took the dive until about 3 or 4 months ago.  I chose Ubuntu because it seemed (to me) to be the easiest to get working full out on my newly purchased Dell Studio laptop.  I had installed a few other distros and I personaly like Gentoo but it was a pain to get configured to work with all my varius and sundry hardware configurations.

Over the last few months I have learned a lot.  I am still stuck using Windows - I run XP via virtualbox to do my contract web-development and to VPN into the corporate netwrok when I have to.  But if I didn't have to do thta I would remove that as well.  The only thing lacking at the moment is gaming support - I have been wanting to get a copy of Gears of War and play it on the PC since I don't have an XBox.  Wouldn't mind trying out BioShock and Fallout 3 either.  But, I understood that going in and I could dual boot if I wanted to.

I have found the folk on the list to be very nice so far, though I tend to be pretty quiet for fear of rubbing someone the wrong way with questions that I should be able to figure out.  I do also understand that there are other distros out there that are more pure in their Linux roots.  But for me and for the bulk of windows users making the switch Ubuntu is a hella good distro - I figure I will stick with it until I get all the kinks worked out then go with Gentoo.

On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 6:46 PM, Vincent Batts <vbatts at gmail.com> wrote:


ther should not be any 'flame' wars on this list, as long as

reasonably minded people are reading and participating in discussion.

like _anything_ in life, as soon as you find yourself saying OR

reading some statement of "my XXX is BETTER than your YYY" or "your

YYY is less adequate because of ...", you need to re-assess yourself

and your stance on things, as well as you should re-assess the

intentions of that statement, because it may likely have some of your

personal attachments going with it.

EVERY thing has its reason for differentiation, and this applies to

distributions of linux as well.

if we only needed one single distribution of an operating system, then

we would all blindly accept what corporations were selling us ;)

put an end to you quick assumptions that someone on this list is

starting a fight.





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