[BALU] Any Alltel/Windstream DSL customers?

Dan Willson ponyboy at uab.edu
Fri Oct 5 09:31:15 CDT 2007

Any Alltel/Windstream DSL customers out in the Moody/Leeds area who can hit
me with a clue stick? I'm curious if the Siemens Speedstream 5200 modems
need to be reconfigured as a bridge (plenty of forum posts suggesting this)
to work with a home network. All Windstream has on their site is that "we
offer Linksys networking equipment." Well, whoop-dee-do, thanks for
providing the nerds with some useful information there.

I went to set up a friend's wireless network last night and I couldn't get
his old Linksys 802.11b router (BEFW11S4 version 4) to authenticate to his
Alltel/Windstream-supplied DSL modem (Siemens Speedstream 5200) -- PPPoE, of
course. His PC will connect over PPPoE just fine when connected to the
Speedstream modem; the Linksys router refuses to authenticate to the PPPoE
server no matter what tweaks are applied (hadn't seen many home routers that
will let you tweak speed/duplex on the WAN port). Of course, we entered the
password about ten times to be sure my friend wasn't mistyping it.

Maybe this particular Linksys router is complete junk -- wouldn't be the
first one I'd seen that was flakey, and he said when he last had it hooked
up at his old house on a different (cable) provider, it would never work
reliably. So I updated to the latest firmware, which showed a boatload of
fixes for various authentication problems -- or maybe there's something
about the Siemens Speedstream modem that's different from the assorted
Bellsouth-supplied Westell gear I've set up too many times to count.

Any ideas before I go out with a router I know works on every other provider
in town (the one I use as a loaner/backup) and waste another evening?


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