[BALU] Disk Analyzer?

Mr. Panzer panzermkz at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 1 21:39:40 CDT 2007

did I not say exactly that earlier?


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>From: Jim Vines <jgoodguy at charter.net>
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>Subject: Re: [BALU] Disk Analyzer?
>Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 17:10:59 -0500
>If you are looking for simple and free and easy to run that is about it.
>Now if you happen to know the manufacture of the drive, go to their site 
>and all I know of have have diagnostics to download and create a bootable 
>disk to lot and go.
>Jeff Scarborough wrote:
>>I know about the error checking.... but I'm not sure how good it is...
>>So I was just wondering if anyone know of a more featured program that
>>is out there.
>>On 8/1/07, Jim Vines <jgoodguy at charter.net> wrote:
>>>On windows XP
>>>Click My Computer
>>>Right Click the drive usually C:
>>>Click Properties from the drop down.
>>>Select the Tools Tab from the resulting screen.
>>>Click the button associated with Error Checking.
>>>Jeff Scarborough wrote:
>>>>Ok another question.  My friend had a problem with his laptop and now
>>>>I'm curious if it may have been caused by a portion of this hard
>>>>driving going bad.  What I was wondering if anyone knows of some type
>>>>of disk analyzer program that could be used to scan a disk and
>>>>determine problems.  I have looked on Google but I have not ran across
>>>>anything yet, which I may not be searching with the correct phrases.
>>>>He runs windows but I would also be interested if there is something
>>>>like this for Linux.
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